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Start taking control of how webpages display in your browser and more!

Winner at Hack-ccessible
Winner at Hack-ccessible Hackathon
Available on: Google Chrome Brave Browser

Focus Mode

Suffering from cognitive impairments, short attention span or just want to stay focussed? Focus Mode is just for you!

Image Magnifier

Image too small to be clearly visible? Don't strain your eyes! Magnify the smallest of images with just a hover.

Color Blindness Support

Have red-green, blue-yellow or total color blindness and wish if only texts and link were better visible? We got you covered!


Open Websites

Say "Open Wikipedia"

Go to websites by just naming them.

Play YouTube videos

Say "Play Starboy"

Just name your YouTube videos.

Translate from any language

Say "Translate Bonjour"

Translate from any language to English by just speaking.

Get Directions

Say "Direction Mumbai to Delhi"

Go places by just naming your source and destinations.


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Why Someity?

More than 70% websites on the Internet have been classified as in-accessible. This is inimical to people with disabilities and restricts involving them within the Internet Community. We were determined to change this. We built Someity which can make all websites on the Internet accessible to individuals with accessibility challenges and also serve as a productivity tool without having website makers change a single line of source code.

We named our extension Someity after the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Mascot. It means "Someiyoshino" — a popular type of cherry blossom — and the phrase "so mighty". Someity can show enormous mental and physical strength, representing Paralympic athletes who overcome obstacles and redefine the boundaries of possibility. The logo of Someity is the Akita dog one of the most powerful and independent Japanese dog breeds.

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